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ResMed Astral 100 Portable Ventilator - Refurbished

ResMed Astral 100 Portable Ventilator - Refurbished

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The ResMed Astral 100 offers a lightweight design and dependable battery life, making it an ideal choice for those seeking personalized respiratory care. Possessing adaptive technologies, the Astral is capable of responding to changing patient conditions and varying breathing needs, providing faster stabilization than the Philips Trilogy. Furthermore, its comprehensive range of options, both invasive and non-invasive, make it a premier life support ventilator for a variety of respiratory disorders.


The Astral 100's iVAPS technology enables the device to identify and sustain the individual alveolar ventilation of patients. Additionally, iBR allows for the ventilator to include backup breaths as required, whereas AutoEPAP adjusts expiratory pressure in the event of partial or complete upper airway obstruction.



Weighing only 7 lbs, Astral's lightweight design surpasses that of the leading life support ventilator. Its intuitive menu and touchscreen, large button features provide an easy user experience, and switching between mouthpiece and mask ventilation requires no adapter changes. Alarm notifications alert caregivers and healthcare providers to potential issues, and an external battery provides up to 8 hours of backup power. Combining two external batteries yields 16 hours of continuous power. The Mobility and SlimFit bags offer a broad shoulder strap, a transparent panel to view therapy, alarms and programs, and secure accommodation of the device and necessary accessories.

The Circuit Support Arm offers full flexibility and easy adjustment, while the Astral Table Stand provides an ergonomic and convenient solution to place Astral on a bedside table. QuickConnect enables two pressure lines to be incorporated into one quickly and easily. The intuitive menus and navigation of Astral facilitates staff training for accurate and consistent patient setup. Furthermore, Remote Alarm II enables patients on life support to remain connected to remote or hospital alarm systems, granting them a suitable level of autonomy and care.



  • Brand: ResMed
  • Series: Astral
  • Product Type: Ventilator
  • Length: 11.22"
  • Width: 8.46"
  • Height: 3.66"
  • Weight: 7.05 lbs
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Internal Battery Power: 14.4 V, 6.6 Ah, 95 Wh
  • Sound Power Level: 43 ± 3 dBA
  • Sound Pressure Level: 35 ± 3 dBA
  • Single Circuit with Leak: Yes
  • Single Circuit with Valve: Yes
  • Apnea Ventilation: Volume and Pressure
  • Preset Programs: 2
  • Delivered Pressure (cm H2O): 2 - 50 (leak circuit), 0 - 50 (valve circuit)
  • Delivered Tidal Volume (cm H2O): Adult - 100 to 2500 mL, Pediatric - 50 to 300 mL
  • Respiratory Rate: Adult - Off, 2 to 50 bpm & Pediatric - Off, 5 to 80 bpm
  • SpO2 Monitoring: Optional
  • FiO2 Monitoring: Optional
  • On Screen: 30 days of summary data, Real-time pressure and flow (25 Hz)
  • ResScan (via download): 365 days of summary data, 7 days of detailed data
  • AirView (RCM required): 365 days of summary data, 7 days of detailed data
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