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Invacare HEPA Capsule Filter With Removable Sticker

Invacare HEPA Capsule Filter With Removable Sticker

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  • Invacare HEPA Capsule Filter is used as a cleaning filter for Invacare Platinum 5, 10 Oxygen Concentrators. It allows the machine to run in a systematic and pristine manner. This filter captures even the smallest particles, including allergens, dust, and bacteria, to ensure clean air for the user. The Invacare HEPA filter's unique capsule shape and removable sticker make installation and replacement quick and easy. The removable sticker allows for hassle-free tracking of filter replacement dates, ensuring optimal performance and air quality.

    HEPA Capsule Filter Benefits

    • Invacare HEPA Filter is a paper filter
    • Dimension: 5.5 X 2.5 X 2.5 W
    • 6" long
    • Comes with 0.3 lb weight
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