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Inogen One G5 Battery

Inogen One G5 Battery

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Battery Size

The single battery weights just over 1 pound and lasts for up to 6.5 hours of use depending on the flow setting, while the double battery weighs just over 2 pounds and lasts for up to 13 hours of use depending on the flow setting.

Both the single and the double battery will recharge any time that they are in the portable concentrator while its connected to an AC or DC power source.


Usage Information: For best results, Inogen One G5 batteries should be fully charged, via AC (wall) power, prior to first use. Some vehicles may not have sufficient power output to the DC Power Supply to both operate the device and charge the battery. Test your vehicle's charging capabilities prior to taking a trip.


Battery Specifications
Type Lithium Ion
Battery Run Time Up to 6.5 Hours (Single Battery), Up to 13 Hours (Double Battery) - Run times may vary depending on flow setting
Battery Weight 1.03 lbs (Single Battery), 2.02 lbs (Double Battery)
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