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Bleep DreamPreps Witch Hazel Facial Pads - 100 Count

Bleep DreamPreps Witch Hazel Facial Pads - 100 Count

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Bleep DreamPreps Use Witch Hazel Instead of Alcohol

DreamPreps employ Witch Hazel as the primary disinfectant rather than alcohol, allowing the product to remove makeup, oils, and dirt from the nose. This facilitates a secure seal of the adhesive, while the Witch Hazel is milder on the skin than alcohol, making it suitable for regular use.

100 Pads Included

The cleaner your face, the stronger the adhesive bond, optimizing the potential productivity of your therapy. Each Bleep DreamPrep kit includes 100 pads, making it easy to clean your nose daily and lasting 100 days.

Don't Use Soap and Water to Clean Your Nose Before Using the Bleep

It is not advised to use soap and water when cleaning the face in preparation for using the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution as some soaps may contain lotion, which may diminish the adhesive tape's ability to seal. Hence, it is recommended to use facial wipes in order to remove any oils, makeup, and dirt.

Instructions for Use

  1. Remove one pad from the box, and use this to gently clean the nose and face.
  2. Make sure the nose is completely clean before using the DreamPorts.
  3. When finished dry the area, and throw the pad away.
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