What To Do If Your CPAP Interface is Leaking

What To Do If Your CPAP Interface is Leaking

If your Interface feels uncomfortable or is irritating your skin, or if the air is leaking out when you are wearing the Interface, these are signs something needs to be adjusted, whether it is the size of the Interface or possibly the type of Interface you are using. There are several things you can first try to resolve the issue. If those don’t solve the problem, speaking with your doctor or equipment supplier is the next best step.

Tips for Interface comfort and fit

First, make sure your headgear isn’t too tight, which can cause discomfort and pressure sores. Next, make sure you wash your Interface after every use to clean off the dirt and oils that have built up and can irritate the skin. Use a mild soap, like baby shampoo or Neutrogena. Note that using an ozone device with your ResMed products may discolor your Interface during the limited warranty period and can cause internal damage to your machine, leading to an increase in motor noise. 


Interface leak is most often caused by incorrect adjustment, assembly, Interface size or Interface type. In addition, components that are worn and in need of a replacement are not as effective and could be causing the leak.

First, make sure your headgear isn’t too tight. Next, confirm you have the right Interface size and type. If your Interface has never fit quite right, it’s most likely a sign you have the wrong Interface size or Interface type for your face.

Many sleep apnea patients have also found nasal liners help with comfort and fit, so those are worth a try as well.

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