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ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask Frame (Without Headgear)

ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask Frame (Without Headgear)

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Diffused Venting Quiets Your Night

Using the built–in tabs, the AirTouch F20 mask elbow is easily added or removed from the mask. Simply press the tabs and pull the elbow off of the mask to disconnect; to reapply, click the tabs back into place. The elbow has numerous ports around the elbow, which allow dispersed air to flow in multiple directions so you and your partner can sleep more peacefully. 

New QuietAir Elbow Included With Purchase

This mask is 89% quieter than the previous elbow and is included free with your purchase of this mask.

Memory Foam Cushion Enhances Comfort Versus Traditional Silicone Options

Compared to the original AirFit F20, the cushy mask cushion is what makes the AirTouch F20 so different. The disposable cushion, made with UltraSoft memory foam, features a memory foam layer—instead of traditional silicone—that seals at the face to enhance your comfort and provide an overall better fit. 

Unobstructed View Lets You Keep Nighttime Routine

Without the forehead support that some masks have, you get an open line of sight that lets you watch TV or scroll through your favorite websites on your phone without compromising mask performance.

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